Repairs & Servicing: A reliable one-stop solution for all your motoring needs. We provide excellent service for all car makes and models. Our car workshop specialises in hybrid cars. With our up-to-date diagnostic software and skilled technicians, these ensure our customers get the best and swiftest service in the industry.

Insurance & Claims: Buying insurance and making a claim should be an easy process and most importantly, stress-free. We’ve got you so you would not have to be burdened by this. Here at Providence Automobile we ensure you have a smooth accident service from reporting to recovering claims for any motor vehicles.

Hybrid Maintenance:

Reconditioning & Recycling for a better future!

At Providence Automobile we pride ourselves for being green and Eco-Friendly. Let’s go green together! As you take care of the Earth, we’ll take care of you! With our expertise in Hybrid Cars, You can be rest assured with leaving your Hybrid car with us and having the best service there is to offer. 

We Value our Clients and Offer a Personal, Professional Service.

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