Our vision “Contribute towards the vision of a clean, green & safe environment” has been our key focus.

At Providence Automobile we pride ourselves for being green and Eco-Friendly. Let’s go green together! As you take care of the Earth, we’ll take care of you! With our expertise in Hybrid Cars, You can be rest assured with leaving your Hybrid car with us and having the best service there is to offer.

When electric and hybrid cars have to be replaced, what happens to the batteries? Batteries are designed not to die completely, but rather slowly lose their charging capacity over time. This depletion happens gradually over several years with many reporting a few percentage drop per year. Over time, hybrid batteries degrade and battery cells fall out of sync with each other. This means some cells may be full, while others are low or even empty. Balance is important, as the overall battery performance is only as good as its weakest cells. Many also ask, what is reconditioning? The Hybrid Battery Reconditioning process combines balancing and charging with deep discharging to reverse aging and restore the battery to its optimal performance. What about recycling? Yes! Both Hybrid and Electric car batteries can be recycled! Many components of Hybrid batteries can be recycled for example, metal covers, associated metal parts and plastic components. Recycling also keeps 98 percent of the battery materials out of landfills.

In Parallel with our vision “contribute towards a clean, green & safe environment”, our initiative of Production, Reconditioning and Recycling of Hybrid & Electrical car batteries will help drive our vision and join the fight towards global warming

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